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Charles Andrew Leader is a Flesh-Eating Donut Addicted Pig


Charles Andrew Leader (AKA Chuck Leader) from CA Leader & Associates is another immoral shit-talking pig who is butthurt because I’m exposing him as being the psychopath behind the Jennifer Faulisi (Jen Journey) breast cancer scam drama. Thanks to this donut addicted dunce I have a number of people who are incapable of thinking on their own slandering me on the internet, which isn’t anything new. When you’re dealing with mind-controlled blobs of programmed goo there’s not much you can expect. These puppets are called “the dead” by their masters because their minds are literally as dead as a door knob.

Why do these subhumans believe what others tell them rather than coming to me directly to hear the truth? Maybe they’re scared of me which wouldn’t come as a surprise. Evil pigs hate the truth and would rather roll around in filth than grow a spine and get educated.

“Free publicity. I don’t hack so let the pigs talk all they want. You know it could be Chuck because he’s just mad that I’m exposing him … Why would I hack that pig’s account? Who is she? Just a nobody.”


“Wait until Chuck’s clients find out how much he loves cheating on his g/f and talking about sucking cock with other women … Chuck is a donut hoarding pig … He can’t control his donut addiction so projects it onto me. Two inch penis for sure.”


Charles Andrew Leader uses an IP changer to troll people under a multitude of different names because he’s too gutless to confront them under his real identity. He told me to “lay off the donuts” when clearly all he was doing was projecting his donut addiction onto me.


Carb the fuck down fat boy and then maybe you’ll start thinking clearly.


Chuck Leader Wants Jennifer Faulisi To Die

New Age Mind-Controlled Golemized Trolls

How Do You Deal with Psychopaths, Trolls and Mentally Ill Brainwashed Morons?

Mark Passio Calls Out the Real Shills, Asinine Clowns and Idiotic Internet Trolls





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Freelee the Banana Girl is an Abusive Bitch

“Hey Harley, why have you been censoring me for 4 years for saying exactly the same thing about Fraudlee that you’re telling everybody now?” – Busting Liars, Inc.


Harley Johnstone (AKA Durianrider) has finally admitted that Leanne Ratcliffe not only injects deadly non-vegan poison into her face (Botox and Juvederm), has a pair of toxic plastic breast implants bolted onto her chest, but also used to beat him up as well. It has always been obvious to me that Freelee’s lumpy face is the result of injecting nasty Botox into it and that her tits are made from cancer-causing silicone. I also had a slight suspicion that Freelee was abusive as well, verbally at least. If you watched the video where she is sitting in a hotel room in Thailand looking like a drowned gutter rat, you would have heard her tell Harley Johnstone to “shut up”. Way to go Fraudlee. Not only is Ratcliffe fake as fuck, she’s also an insecure piece of shit who takes out her daddy abuse issues on the man who was responsible for helping her lose the lard and make money on YouTube. Instead of telling other woman to “grow some ovaries”, she should sprout some herself, which I highly doubt would be possible at this point in time judging by her spineless character.

In Durianrider’s video Freelee Please Stop & Move On Harley shows some footage of Leanne Ratcliffe slapping him across the face in the background.


In Freelee’s Tumblr post she states:

“He told me to do that scene where it looks like I’m beating him up to troll for the background of the video. We knew we were being filmed! It’s 100% fake.”

Sure Leanne, sure. Real women don’t hit their partners under any circumstances, even to “troll”. If Freelee is this abusive when “trolling”, just imagine how big of a stampeding bush pig she is behind the scenes. Poor Robin Haag has no clue what he’s gotten himself into.

“‘I’m back to being myself again’ LOL Freelees so freaking fake. The reality is YouTube doesn’t monetize graphic content with vulgar clickbait anymore so she’s turned into FullyRawKristina meets little miss sunshine while she reads from her cringy fortune cookie philosophy book most likely given to her by her new fuckbuddy.” – Black Basket Case


Leanne Ratcliffe’s lumpy Botox face.



Doctor warns of DANGEROUS reactions and LUMPS after facial fillers and Botox

How cosmetic fillers can destroy your looks: They can turn skin blue, lumpy, and leave you blind

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Charles Marlowe – Before and After Steroids

This is part 2 of my Vegan Cheetah on Steroids exposé. This dude really has his subscribers fooled. Being an ex-bodybuilder myself, I know just how difficult it is to get ripped and build muscle naturally. I also know 100% natural bodybuilders who have taken years to build their physique. It is impossible to get as ripped as Charles Marlowe in a short period of time without the help of anabolic steroids.

This is what Charles Marlowe looked like in 2010.


Charles Marlowe was a regular natural-looking guy with no muscular definition.

Here’s Charles in 2013.


And here is what Charles Marlowe looks like today.


Omg your soo fucken hot omg your jawlije im so wet rn u should dm me if u want.” – boy_679_fly



Vegan Cheetah’s jaw has not been Photoshopped. Charles is suffering from a classic case of “tren jaw” – growth and deformity of the jaw bone and muscles caused by anabolic steroids.


“In regards to jaw (bone growth); happens with HGH. I’d know believe me, my whole facial structure has changed (jaw and masseter muscle-wise). When i eat I look like a camel. Even the temple muscles (temporalis) has gotten so developed, that they look like ping pong balls rotating on a lateral axis.”


Compare Vegan Cheetah’s jawline before and after steroids. The change is startling.


Jaw deformity caused by steroids.

Charles Marlowe is severely deceiving his YouTube subscribers into believing that 1) he’s vegan and, 2) his body is natural. He does that by frequently posting narcissistic photos of his drugged out body on Instagram along with examples of “vegan food” he consumes, such as this artificial burrito from Taco Bell.


“Vegan burrito from Taco Bell. It was soooo good.” – Charles Marlowe


“Where are the gains man? No hate toward Richard but I am gonna state the fact that I am ten times more aesthetic than he has ever been. when you compare physiques, the symmetry, size, fullness, vasculerty, and aesthetics, there really is no comparison. Come on man. You can do better than that. Yo Richard, r u mad? Like if you agree, leave a comment if you disagree and state the reason why vegan gains is more aesthetic than yours truly, the vegan cheetah.” – Charles Marlowe compares his steroid body to Richard Burgess’ drug-free body


Note hashtag #imthebest 😂


“At one time I was small and scrawny. I always knew I had it in me to do something in life. I always knew I could be aesthetic, if I only put my mind to it.
The photo on the left was taken two years ago before I went vegan. I started training in the gym at 24 years old. Then I found the Highcarb vegan lifestyle and that’s when it really started happening for me. When I went #hclfvegan that’s when I really started to notice a change in my body. I had the energy to train harder than my friends and I felt good eating all the fruit, veggies, and grains that I wanted.

I was nervous to post this because I look back and it doesn’t even look like me. I can’t believe I was ever that small. But I’m posting this for you to show you what I have done since my #vegan #transformation let this inspire you to let go of the animal products and make those #vegangains with me.”


Charles “Dickrider” Marlowe is lying to everybody when he tells them that his muscular body is the result of eating a high-carb vegan diet. What a bullshit artist. Hey Charlie! Tell the golem that are subscribed to your channel that “it really started happening” for you when you begun injecting steroids.

Vegan Cheetah’s viewers need to wake the fuck up and realize just how badly they’re being fooled. Charles Marlowe even admitted to being “the biggest bullshitter in the business” in one of his videos on his vlog channel so isn’t that evidence enough? It astounds me how braindead people have become. I wouldn’t even call them “people” anymore. Automated blobs of flesh without any active intelligence would be more accurate. Why do you think your manipulators released a TV series called The Walking Dead? They’re mocking you, and you’re too mind-controlled to see it. There’s a reason why they call a TV an “idiot box” you know.


Welcome to planet Earth 2016.

“Looks like Charles did a swift back-peddle on his audience claiming he has been taking the roids all along.” – Halken

“‘I’ve been open about my steroid use.’ This is how stupid people are. They come to my channel and attack me by calling me a liar and all sorts of other names even though Charles himself admits that he’s on steroids. Morons. Listen to the bullshit artist. On his Instagram he states that a “low fat, high-carb vegan diet” is the reason why he looks the way he does and here, like you say, he does a swift back-peddle. Yeah, he’s been to my site.” – Vegan Drama



Skull Growth and Other Nasty Side Effects of Steroids

Anabolic Steroids and Craniofacial Growth in the Rat

Steroids Lead to Lopsided Face


Freelee the Banana Girl – Cock Sucking & Cum Swallowing Prostitute

What kind of woman talks about sucking cock and swallowing men’s cum on a public forum? A woman who doesn’t respect herself, that’s who. That woman goes by the name of Freelee the Banana Girl (AKA Leanne Ratcliffe). Freelee boasts openly about how she enjoys committing a “detestable crime of nature” on a public forum which does nothing but prove how insecure and slutty she really is. What’s even more mind boggling is that there are over 700,000 people who support this abomination.

Sodomy is defined as anal or oral sexual activity between people. Sodomy law is typically understood by courts to include any sexual act deemed to be “unnatural” or immoral. The crime of sodomy has often been defined as the “abominable and detestable crime against nature”, or some variation of the phrase. Now ask yourself if looking up to a self-proclaimed cocksucker who boasts about it publicly is something that you should be proud of. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where looking and acting like a whore and even being one is considered “normal” these days and once again, you can thank the media and society’s inability to think for themselves for that.

Can you imagine what Freelee’s child would think if he or she saw their mother prostituting herself on the internet this way? I guess we’ll never find out since she killed it years ago. Yes, Freelee murdered her child and that’s yet another thing she boasts about in one of her videos. Breast implants, murder, and whoredom … and thousands of brainwashed subscribers consider this person to be an ethical role model for veganism and health. Please.

“Vegan men’s cum is the most nutritionally dense cum on the planet, in the world, the most nutritious cum, and also the tastiest – far, far, far superior to meat-eating cum.” – Leanne Ratcliffe



“I never knew oral sex was considered sodomy. In any case, what Freelee admits to swallowing is not vegan.

One of the main benefits to being vegan is to minimize pathogen loads by avoiding ingesting animal foods and associated viruses, bacteria, etc. Vegans can still get sick by kissing a sick person or having intimate contact with body fluids or blood.

There are different reasons for being vegan, but for me, one of the reasons is cleanliness and avoidance of disease transmission. Sure animals and environmental rights could be a person’s only reason to be vegan, and they might not care about their health (as is the case for many vegans who eat fake meats that are unhealthy and still smoke, etc).

Not all vegans care about their health or care about their purity or even care to be 100% vegan.

This is why being vegetarian by itself is not enough for spiritual growth. Being vegetarian only gives up one attachment. But people still have so many other attachments, like to lust, appearances, greed, and many other evil vices.

I have hardly watched Freelee’s videos because they are so basic, but I always thought she had a decent heart. So I never saw the videos before that you posted, Raw Truth, because I rarely watched her. Well, you just saved me from watching any more. That is so gross.

Here is something that westerners fail to grasp. Ejaculation causes essence loss. Not everything tangible is visible to the naked eye. Atoms are tangible but invisible. As my teachers explained, they took Bill Clinton as the perfect example of essence deficiency: knee and hearing problems at a young age with white hair. Too much sexual activity. Too much sexual desire. Yes, he may have done a lot of damaging drugs, but the Chinese and Indians have established this link between ejaculation/orgasm and essence loss.” – Say What?

freelee-banana-girl-leanne-ratcliffe-evil-basic-bitch-cocksucker“I agree there is so much spite on this website and so much healing that must take place, but this video nails it, sorry to say.

Durianrider says that we all judge and judging is necessary. I have to judge who my teachers are going to be and who I am going to let influence my mind. I cannot let a whore be my teacher or inspiration. Actually Freelee is not a whore, but I am just emphasizing that she shouldn’t even joke that way about herself. Everyone knows that she is monogamous and devoted to Harley.

But Freelee misses the key point about being vegan and avoiding infectious disease by avoiding animal products (what she swallows). Yes, technically Harley is an animal that can carry disease and transmit it to others. As a vegan myself, I think it’s splitting hairs to rail against ethical bee products that are minimally harvested that do carry some immune compromising elements when the person doing the bashing is swallowing more dangerous raw animal fluid. There are some bee products that can be obtained without hurting even one bee on a small scale. Not that I am a regular user of bee products (once in a great while I use honey for an external poultice), but this is an example of hypocrisy that says one animal product is okay to consume (sperm), but not another (honey).

I think the way Freelee talks on those videos you highlighted shows that the breast implants are not a distant past event in her life. They are an active current part of her overly sexual lifestyle.

Eastern thought which views ejaculation as a cause of essence loss would view a an overly sexualized woman who purposely seduces a man as a siren that comes to consume his essence and waste his vitality away. Eastern thought would view this as a form of animal cruelty, because the result is hastened aging to the man. It’s ironic that what she does is not vegan and is also bad for Harley’s essence (and her too, if that stuff carries disease.)” – Say What?



“Being this judgmental is just sad, get a life instead of trying to ruin someone else’s. Freelee had an abortion, she did not kill her baby because it was not yet a baby it was still an infant not yet fully developed. If everyone have all the children they could have there would be way too many humans on the planet to even try and sustain us all. Also this video shows nothing because everything have been cut and taken out of context to have her look bad. Yes she have said those things but she have also explained exactly what she meant with it.

How about trying to make something out of your own life instead of living to bash on others.” – Tribies

freelee-banana-girl-leanne-ratcliffe-abortion-get-a-life“Hahahaha, you’re such a fucking loser. That video where she says she’s ‘the biggest whore around’ is taken out of context. In the actual video, she’s talking about being an ATTENTION whore, and you know that. The other video where she’s talking about eating cum is because Shane Dawson asked her if vegans can eat cum. And yeah, it was probably wrong of Durianrider to talk about her sucking him off in the shower but who fucking cares? People suck dick and eat cum in real life, get over it. You wake up.” – Jordan

“I bet you also get off on eating shit.” – Raw Truth




Sodomy Law

New Age Mind Controlled Golemized Trolls

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Vegan Cheetah is “Shady As Fuck”

Charles Marlowe accuses me of being “shady as fuck” but if you know anything about psychological projection you’d know that Charles is merely attributing his own negative qualities to me.


If you’ve watched any of Vegan Cheetah’s earlier live streams on YouNow you would have noticed how hateful he became whenever somebody mentioned my name or asked him to play any of my videos. While playing one of my videos he mocked me and said, “Oh, jump cut!” obviously because he was jealous that he didn’t have video editing software at the time and thought it’d be wise to attack me because I did. Now that Charles Marlowe has gotten paid by YouTube, and is able to afford to buy video editing software, he has also begun splicing his video footage with “jump cuts”. Hypocrite.

Charles Marlowe is also jealous because I’ve been reporting vegan drama since 2012 and he just began 4 months ago. Sorry Charles. I’m the original vegan drama queen and you’re just an unoriginal wannabe.




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Bite Size Vegan, You’re a Hypocrite!

Emily Moran Barwick (AKA Bite Size Vegan) is another “vegan” who supports the murder of animals. Emily, it’s time to publicly admit that you were wrong and make a video apology to all your vegan subscribers. Don’t waste all the hard work you’ve done by choosing to support a corrupt group of animal murderers who use veganism as their cover to profit off the gullible.

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Freelee the Banana Girl Emasculates Vertical Addiction

Robin Haag (AKA Vertical Addiction) is another mind-controlled golem who has had the misfortune of being emasculated by Leanne Ratcliffe. Poor Robin believes that he is living a “healthy lifestyle” but fails to realize that, thanks to Freelee the Banana Girl, he is now no longer a man, or technically even human.

One of Leanne Ratcliffe’s greatest fears is falling pregnant because pregnancy naturally leads to weight gain. To prevent this from happening she requires that every man she sleeps with to pay a meat-eater to sadistically cut their balls off.

“THANKYOU Freelee for inspiring me to live life in a healthy mindset and lifestyle.” – Alexandra Shockley


Leanne Ratcliffe is the furthest thing from “healthy”. We already know she has a pair of cancerous breast implants in her chest and free-thinking people who aren’t slaves to the system know that inserting plastic into your body is literally asking for disease and death. Real “healthy”. Injecting Botox and Juvederm into your face and supporting a company that kills thousands of animals every year (PETA) isn’t healthy, or vegan, either.

It is obvious to see that every person who supports Freelee’s pseudo “healthy lifestyle” is incapable of thinking on their own. Only a complete fool would follow in the footsteps of a serial fraud and self-proclaimed “fame whore” like Ratcliffe. Robin Haag appears to be a nice guy on the surface but nice guys aren’t always the most intelligent people on the planet, especially if they choose to think with their [now surgically removed] set of testicles instead of their brain. In Australia, these oversexed young males are referred to as “young, dumb, and full of cum.” Only a person with no life experience and balls bursting at the seams would be stupid enough to take advice from somebody as stupid as Freelee. Poor Robin. One day he’ll grow up and realize just how badly he’s been fooled, but by then it will be too late.

“It sickens me to my core, to walk outside, to go out on these streets on a daily basis and see the kind of people that exist here.” – Mark Passio

What Freelee the Banana Girl Won’t Tell Her Victims

How does vasectomy affect a man’s body? This is a reasonable question, which unfortunately is rarely answered, even after significant effects occur.

Let’s use an analogy of a 40-year-old fire hose. You hook this fire hose up to a hydrant and turn on the water. Let the hose represent the epididymis portion of the testicles and the vas deferens, which would measure some 20 feet in length if stretched out, and let the water represent the 50,000 sperm cells a minute that a man’s body manufactures, even after vasectomy. That’s over 100 million sperm cells a day on average.

Now, tie a knot in the fire hose. What happens? Something is going to rupture, right? That’s why fire departments don’t use 40-year-old fire hoses, and why men develop ruptures in their testicles after their vas is tied off during the vasectomy procedure.


Actually, the technical term for this phenomenon is a “blowout.”  According to Campbell’s Urology (a textbook for urology students and doctors) “The brunt of pressure-induced damage after vasectomy falls on the epididymis and efferent ductules … It is likely that, in time, all vasectomized men develop ‘blowouts’ in either the epididymis or efferent ducts.”  This rupturing can occur spontaneously at any time following vasectomy, and often when the epididymis is under pressure, such as when a man is ejaculating.  It doesn’t feel good.

AutoImmune Responses

But that’s not all.  When the rupturing occurs, sperm cells enter the blood stream, where they were not naturally intended to be.  As a matter of fact, nature makes a very specific point of keeping sperm cells out of the blood stream, because sperm cells have very strong enzymes on their surfaces and only half a DNA strand.  What does the body think is happening?  The immune system is sent on full alert to fight off a perceived infection of millions of invading cells per day, and the body becomes “autoimmune”, i.e. the body goes to war on itself.  Again from Campbell’s Urology: “Vasectomy results in violation of the blood-testis barrier producing detectable levels of serum antisperm antibodies in 60 to 80 per cent of men …”  Once this reaction starts, it is nearly impossible to stop, even with a vasectomy reversal.  Research has shown that a sperm count taken prior to vasectomy is a good indicator of the likelihood of this autoimmune response; the higher the sperm count, the more likely a man will become autoimmune after vasectomy.  Most doctors choose not to do this test prior to vasectomy, or to even inform their patients of the likelihood of this response.  What can’t be predicted, however, is the specific reactions a man might have to the formation of these antibodies.  That is left purely to chance.

Why is this autoimmune response important?  Well, numerous reactions have been identified as part of this autoimmune response.  In three men out of five or more, chronic inflammation leads to the formation of a sperm granuloma at the rupture site, which may need to be removed surgically to alleviate painful symptoms.  Other types of cysts often form in the epididymis and/or the scrotum including spermatoceles (sperm-filled cysts) and hydroceles (fluid-filled cysts), which may also require further treatment or lead to other problems.  The autoimmune response that follows vasectomy has also been linked to an increase in the incidence of numerous diseases by dozens of studies.  These diseases include testicular dysfunction and hormonal imbalances, recurrent infections, various forms of cancer, and other immune system deficiencies.  According to Dr. H. J. Roberts, an internist who has studied the effects of vasectomy on the immune system for over 30 years, “no other operation performed on humans even approaches the degree and duration of the multiple immunologic responses that occur in the post-vasectomy state.” The appearance of symptoms from these reactions may take years to manifest.


“I don’t know what’s worst, being sterilized in Thailand or facing the fact that there are 150 millions children living on the streets without sufficient security, food and fun.” – Robin Haag


Freelee responds like a typical ignoramus and flexes a bicep.


If It Works, Don’t Fix it

Long-Term Risks of Vasectomy

Vasectomy can increase risk of developing lethal prostate cancer


Leanne Ratcliffe – the epitome of intelligence and wisdom.


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Freelee the Banana Girl and Durianrider Death Threats

“Take down all your videos or the damage is going to start. I will cut your f’cking throat. Your call.” – Durianrider

Harley Johnstone (AKA Durianrider) has been sending me abusive and threatening emails for years. After refusing to submit to his demands and remove my YouTube videos which I created to expose both him and Leanne Ratcliffe on my channel, the obsessive stalking and threats began.

First, my brand new car was scratched and then on January 19, 2014, I found a decapitated rabbit on my front doorstep.


This is not the first time this psychopath and his partner-in-crime, Leanne Ratcliffe, have stalked and threatened somebody. In the screenshot below, originally published on 30 Bananas a Day Sucks, Harley Johnstone threatens to cut Wayne Wilson’s throat and smash his windows.

“Take down all your videos or the damage is going to start. I will cut your fucking throat. Your call. I will call you to make sure you get this message.”

“I know where you live in the gold coast im gonna smash your fucken windows bro if you dont take your videos down.”

“I heard the gold Coast is very violent. Watch your back bro would not want anything to happen to your car or family. See you down the organic shop bro!”


After Wayne posted screenshots of Harley Johnstone’s death threats on the 30 Bananas a Day Suck site, Durianrider started falsely accusing him of “Photoshopping” his comments. Harley Johnstone is a pathological liar who knows that it’s only going to be a matter of time before his fraudulent YouTube business crashes and he’s forced to live on the street. Both he and Leanne Ratcliffe escaped Australia to avoid attending the Kayla Itsines final supreme court hearing which was scheduled in May 2015. They then fled to Thailand because Eisel Mazard served Harley Johnstone’s decrepit ass with paperwork for defamation. Then, after Ratcliffe dumped the drug addict, he ran back to Australia like a bitch and is now hiding out somewhere in Adelaide.

“Ha ha. Nice photoshopping Wayne Wilson. Get my IP and then photoshop text onto it with ‘white screen’. I guess its easier than drawing abs on ya flab.” – Durianrider


More lies …

“Here is some emails from Wayne Wilson aka not801010 aka leanne ratcliffe aka harley johnstoned aka doucheriders aka sexylisa 23 aka no801010 aka duriansterror aka pooriders.

How come youtube deleted all of your trolling channels that spoke hatred towards Freelee & myself. Its one thing to disagree about someones diet, its another to say they are ‘stupid slut with silicone tits that needs her throat slit so she shuts the fuck up!’? Lets see if I can find that screen shot shall we.

Your all class Wayne Wilson. No wonder you live on welfare.”


“Anyone can change their IP address to one that they want listed and hence post bogus threads or start bogus accounts. The easier way to do it is like Wayne Wilson does. Just get my IP and photo shop that text using white screen. Vola!”


“Harley, your a master of LIES … with no doubt. The audio material can be used against you anytime to prove you wrong … so the original text … the pictures and the references you made in different threads. Saying Not801010 photshopped the IP address is your last resort to  convince your brainwashed followers who might read in here. You’re a pathological LIAR, I hope WOLFE gets you down to court this IS JUST the begin … of your EXPOSURE. See banana wagon is coming down. Count on it, little boy.” – mindovermatter


More psychopathic behavior …

“Even Wayne Wilson aka not 801010 was too gutless to tell me his real address. We went around there at 3am and it was a dive shop located next to a police station! lol! The boyz got pretty pissed about that.”



“Harley Johnstone…internet tough guy. Shouldn’t he be passed out at 3 am after a long day of smashing banana eating records and having a non-stop boner? Won’t he die if he doesn’t have an “early night?” If you’re ever confronted by him, just blow on his bony ass. He’ll fly away. Or better yet, keep a supply of meth and a meth pipe nearby. Wave that around in his face. He’ll be back in tweekerdom ASAP. No worries about diet there.” – Eric


“Absolute crazy … This person is utterly INSANE … Not even a joke would pass by that way … People be warned: This is “the leader” of a raw online forum … what an inspiration hey … a model and “ghandian example” Freelee. SHAME SHAME SHAME.” – mindovermatter


“And let’s be honest… He is doing all this because of freakin’ BANANAS!”

Actually, he’s doing this because of $$$.

Your videos contain information that he perceives as threatening to his livelihood.

Why is it that extreme diets have such a strong association with extreme, unhinged behavior?  I personally believe nutritional deficiences are at fault.  If your body becomes unbalanced on an extreme diet that cuts out entire food groups, it stands to reason that the mind will also become unbalanced.  The mind and body are intimately connected.

This is why diet cults such as 30bad are often the scene of extremist behavior such as death threats and hate speech against anyone who dares to challenge their dogma.” – Heather M.


“Sean, why do you often talk about Freelee as if she were an angel? Just because you think she was better once? She is very cunning, and bright, too. Just look at how she writes, and at the way she can have a double personality … she always writes in her forum as if she were the most balanced person in the world, while she is a very nasty person indeed!!!” – Ciry


“He has been reported to his local police on 2 occasions during these threats. Australia has laws allowing police to deal directly with ISPs to obtain evidence they need. This forum will be the first to know as anything progresses.” – not801010


I personally have filed 3 police reports against both Harley Johnstone and Leanne Ratcliffe.

“Yes, from what I recall, it all started with Taylor Snipes’ very memorable Facebook post that criticized 30bad and its out of control censorship practices.  Veronica appeared on that thread, voicing her real opinion of H and F, which is extremely negative because she has some sense in her head.  😉

I also appeared in that thread, explaining the ways that 30bad is very similar to a real life cult, and how H and F see themselves as the leaders of a vast and growing army, whose on an elite mission to “save the world” from the evils of meat eating and cooked food.  I decided to expand on these comments on Raw Vegan Talk, and really went into some detail on what I know about cultish groups and how they operate, and how 30bad meets almost every characteristic.  Veronica participated in my posts, agreeing with everything I wrote.  Those posts (there were two) on RVT generated a lot of attention and brought a lot of spies over from 30bad, including of course Leanne, who I’m told was mad as a hornet over what she saw.

This is where the threats and back & forth began between Veronica and Leanne.  What I think happened is that, seeing what all was being said about 30bad on Raw Vegan Talk, H & F decided to get “revenge” and slander Veronica and Fred by writing mean and untrue things about them on 30bad.  Veronica saw what they wrote, panicked and contacted Leanne in order to initiate some sort of truce.  In the back & forth, Veronica was so angry that she threatened to withhold the last affiliate payment to H & F for selling Fred’s products on 30bad.  Leanne responded by threatening to report Fred to some sort of fraud website.  

In the truce that was eventually agreed on, Leanne made all sorts of unreasonable demands of Veronica, which someone detailed above: that Veronica erase all mention of 30bad not only from Raw Vegan Talk but also any comments she had made anywhere on the internet.  Veronica contacted me at one point and told me that Leanne was refusing to take down the slander of Veronica & Fred from 30bad unless I and Brian Greco both erased any mention of 30bad we’d ever made from anywhere online.  I refused.

Veronica I think was embarrassed that she had capitulated to Leanne’s censorship, and was taking down the cult posts about 30bad that had generated so much interesting and worthwhile discussion, so she only gave me and Sean part of the story, and made it sound like it was all H & F’s fault, and it was all being forced on her.  

Sean was so angered by her agreeance to censor RVT of any mention of 30bad, that he decided to start this site in protest.  We’ve since learned that there was more to the story, and fault on both sides.  However, I think El-bo was right when he wrote that Veronica was between a rock and a hard place: protecting hers and Fred’s business interests, and her real desire to tell H & F to go fuck themselves.

Now it’s three months later, and this site has totally taken on a life of its own, and new members are appearing here every day, and the unraveling story of H & F just gets worse and worse.” – Heather M.


“I suppose that you are saying that we should be trusting you, not Wayne? The problem with this is that it is YOU who lost all credibility.

You admitted that you are Wayne’s stalker (seeking his address to visit him at 3am).
You claim to be eating high-carb for 11 years, but you have for 4.5 years only.
You claim to have had anorexia, but you never did.
You bully people who experience health problems as the result of following YOUR advice.
You censor out from your forum vital information that could prevent health problem for others.” – Dr. Gosia


“YOU ARE SICK, HARLEY. It’s amazing how you live like 5000km away, yet I “Have been stalking you for over a year”? I must be a magician. MORE LIES. I can’t wait ’till you make the wrong move and get your arse arrested. Look at that shit you have done, and now trying to lie your way out – you are fucked up in the head.” – not801010


These are just a few of the comments that were posted on 30 Bananas a Day Sucks. View the entire thread by going to the archives here.


The Ugly Truth About Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone

Death Threats from Harley Johnstone AKA Durianrider

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Poor no-balls Durianrider. Freelee finally decided to take my advice and leave the man who calls her a prostitute. What on earth is he going to do now? My guess is that he’s going to try his hardest to pull any shit out of his clowned-out ass in order to keep his YouTube channel alive. This will be fun to watch.

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Vegans Who Support the Murder of Animals

Freelee the Banana Girl, Bite Size Vegan, and Gary Yourofsky are just a few of the vegans who support the slaughter of animals. These frauds have been fooling the public for years into believing that they actually give a fuck about the animals when it is clear as day to see that all they give a fuck is about how many dollars they can deposit into their bank accounts. It’s time to wake up suckers!

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Freelee the Banana Girl and Durianrider Are Abusive Bogans

As predicted many years ago, both Freelee the Banana Girl (Leanne Ratcliffe) and Durianrider (Harley Johnstone) are nothing more than a pair of abusive full-of-shit bogans. Why else do you think they’ve been obsessively stalking, threatening, and censoring me all these years? If what I have been telling people about these clowns wasn’t true then they wouldn’t feel the need to continually censor me. I’ve never heard of a “celebrity” stalk any reporter which just goes to show how seriously mentally ill these dumbed down dupes really are. Harley Johnstone has even admitted to being diagnosed with schizophrenia in a Tumblr post. As for Ratcliffe, she’s clearly insane but is too big of a narcissist to go and get professional help.

durianrider-harley-johnstone-clinically-diagnosed-schizophreniaI have mountains of evidence to post about these “people” (are psychopaths human?) and it will take me a considerable amount of time to gather all the information but it will be published because the public need to know what Freelee and Durianrider are really about.

Leanne Ratcliffe and Harley Johnstone finally broke up. In an email sent to Leanne on November 5, 2014, I stated:

I’m not copying Harley on this email so I’m saying this to you now, woman to woman. I’ve dated a lot of dickheads in my life and have been disrespected by a lot by men. I see your personality type and then I see Harley’s personality and I think to myself, “What is she doing with that dickhead anyway?” I know Harley’s type and if I was in your shoes I would have dumped him years ago. You can find somebody a whole lot better than him. I really can’t see you dragging him along with you especially if you’re determined to go all the way to the top. The guy’s just going to bring you down. He’s not “mainstream” and people like that, especially with his past and ongoing wanker behavior, is only going to be an obstacle in your way.


Leanne is a self-proclaimed “fame whore” so I know she had my words in mind when she finally got a clue and decided to dump the loser. Freelee is all about money, fame, and success and because I know what the fame whore scene is all about and what it takes to succeed, I know she’s the type that will do and say anything in order to try and get to the top – even if it means lying about others, including myself, to get there. I will be posting about the lies Ratcliffe has spread about me on the internet in a future post as well. This was at a time when she thought that I was merely, as Harley has stated, “a fat jealous ungrateful dumb fucking bitch.”


So clearly, Harley Johnstone is abusive, as I always knew, and so is Leanne Ratcliffe. In Durianrider’s video Why We Broke Up, The 100% Truth he states:

“She was so abusive to me. She used to hit me a lot, and I was cool with it, then last year, I’d hit her back. I think if you hit like a man you’re going to get hit back, and I never ever hit Freelee in the face. I never used any more force than was needed. I would just push her off, pin her down and punch her leg really hard and say ‘this is not acceptable behavior. Control your anger.’ She’s just got a really bad temper man, ask her brothers.”

Yes, ask her brothers. Leanne Ratcliffe’s brother, Peter Ratcliffe, threatened to beat me up several years ago and has verbally been abusing me on YouTube whenever he has the chance. Violence runs in both the Ratcliffe and Johnstone family so I 100% believe Harley when he speaks about Leanne Ratcliffe’s anger issues.

In this YouTube comment, Leanne’s brother calls me a “fat pig who can’t get my sis out of her head.” What this bogan fails to realize is that his sister is the one that can’t get me out of her head.


“You are one sad dude. You should man up, reply to me with your legit fb profile so we can organise a get together so I can express what I think of grubs who rubbish my family.” – Peter Ratcliffe


I was communicating with a close family friend of the Ratcliffe’s last year via Facebook and she spent some time informing me about their family’s dark past. Freelee’s father is an alcoholic that used to abuse both her and her siblings when they were children back when they lived on a farm. After reading this it became apparent why Leanne grew up to be the person that she is today – an extremely insecure and troubled woman who hasn’t healed from her abusive childhood. This clearly also explains her abusive nature and why she constantly projects her insecurities onto others.

Because the truth is finally being revealed about both Ratcliffe and Johnstone, Leanne is trying her hardest to control the damage that her break-up with Harley has caused. When it comes to risking losing everything she has, including her brand new apartment, rest assured she is going to do whatever it takes to save her sorry ass. When an unconscious person’s money supply is threatened they panic and completely lose their minds. All morals are thrown out of the window and they being to spew lies out of their mouth at full force.

In a now-deleted Tumblr post, Freelee states:

“Oh brother. Ok. I have never EVER ‘lined harley up and punched him in the face’ geezuz this guy is out of control. You can see his goal is just to destroy me now.”


Unfortunately for Leanne Ratcliffe, Harley isn’t the one who is trying to destroy her. Freelee has been on self-destruct mode for many years so she has nobody to blame but herself. The same applies to Harley. Both of these bogans have been asking for it and now the time has finally arrived.

In my “Terminate Freelee” petition I had over 10,000 supporters who also wanted to see these psychopaths removed from the internet. As previously stated, Leanne fraudulently filed a complaint with and had my petition removed so I re-uploaded it here. You can also view the archived version here. What Leanne fails to realize is that “you reap what you sow” and it’s only going to be a matter of time before the universe says, “time’s up” and rewards her according to her deeds. Those who do evil incur wrath. Enjoy.


“I hear you mate but violence is the best way to deal with predators.” – Durianrider


“Haha, nice article. Keep up the good work. Freelee is a fucking whack job people. I’d assume most the views she gets are from people seeing what bat shit crazy stuff she’ll say next (like myself from time to time). It’s a comedy channel, nothing more.” – The Fox


“I don’t care about the family dynamics, but I will say this: Both “Freelee” and her boyfriend Harley are dangerous, narcissistic cultists who openly exploit and abuse others for entertainment and profit. They’re promoting a very unhealthy diet that encourages both physical and psychological disorders. Being the predators that they are, they target an already-vulnerable crowd: impressionable teenagers, orthorexics, and victims of eating or body image disorders.

It’s very likely that both are suffering from severe physical and mental impairment due to lack of essential nutrients. Neither are even remotely close to being the picture of health. Both are emaciated and abnormally thin. Harley’s teeth are rotting and his skin sags. Freelee’s bones jut out and she uses hair extensions and breast implants to cover up her poor health.

During their videos, they regularly attack those who don’t follow their “program”. They use photoshopped, extremely thin teens with fake breasts as “healthy” examples of vegans and severely obese people to represent those who consume an omnivorous diet. Neither are realistic or accurate examples. Freelee, in a video, blamed non-vegans for everything from planetary destruction to tax hikes. She even went so far as to say that healthy thin people were killed in 9/11 because of meat eaters’ “fat asses” blocking their safe evacuation.

And this is the sort of garbage that is being spewed by so-called “humanitarian” health gurus? They need to be shut down, 100%. As difficult as it may be, considering their multiple account trolling and relentless thirst for attention, it can and should be done as quickly as possible. These people are vile and shameless and are doing a lot of damage.” – Kate


“Lol, this girl is a riot. I support her 100% and I love her tenacity. Freelee and Durian do their best to insult and degrade anyone that is more successful then them for the sole purpose of money and ego. If no one challenged them they would run around thinking they could do whatever they want without repercussions or accountability for their actions. They realize that people will stand up to them and they are scared shitless just like narcissists are in general, weak, cowardly, and they live in fear that the day will come when their megalomania-like attitudes will be exposed for what they are, that is why they block comments and or ignore them on YouTube because the cowards can’t publicly debate truths that they KNOW cannot be defended nor do they have the debating skills to do so. I have so much more to say but I don’t want to get obsessed about these losers as much as they are obsessed with the “vegan lifestyle”.” – Hello

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Freelee Bleached Her Freckles

In Freelee’s video titled I’m so ugly without Photoshop – drastic before and after models she states:

“So my face was lucky enough to be Photoshopped by a fan, and I use that term loosely. They felt my face was holding me back, that I had too many flaws, too many imperfections that needed to be removed – all my freckles, any signs of aging, any signs of character, Photoshopped from my face. And once upon a time I would have allowed this to make me feel awful because I used to hate my freckles. I used to think they made me ugly and inferior and I used to compare myself to those advertisements with the girls who had perfect skin and think, “Why can’t I have that skin too? It’s not fair. I wish I was born tanned. I want this and that.” And I used to even try to get rid of my freckles by putting lemon juice on my face and a whole lot of other crazy stuff that wasn’t at all good for my skin.”

Firstly, the video in which Freelee talks about how much she hates her freckles was one of the videos that were removed by YouTube after I filed a copyright takedown complaint against her for stealing my Photoshop tutorial.



Here’s a screenshot taken from that video which shows Freelee’s face covered in ugly freckles and wrinkles underneath her eyes. I had already begun removing the freckles from her forehead in Photoshop so only a few are visible.


Here’s the original photo.


Freelee removed her freckled photo and uploaded a revised version to her backup channel. Note the visible reduction of both freckles and wrinkles.


Leanne Ratcliffe lied when she stated that she used to hate her freckles. She still does and that’s why, according to Durianrider, she went and had them bleached.


If Freelee liked her freckles she wouldn’t have felt the need to Photoshop them off her face and upload a new version of her photo to YouTube. She also wouldn’t have had them bleached. This just proves how paranoid and insecure Leanne is so next time you hear her tell somebody that they’re “jealous” then know that she’s merely projecting her insecurities onto them. Leanne is incredibly jealous and that’s why you constantly see her attacking everybody who doesn’t have freckles (including myself).

Here’s yet another version of the freckled face photo. This one hasn’t been Photoshopped as severely as the one on Freelee’s channel as you can still clearly see the discoloration on her cheeks and minimization of wrinkles underneath her eyes.


Poor Leanne is so insecure about the way she looks that she completely missed the message in my Photoshop tutorial video. I was trying to show everybody how easy it is to alter a photo in Photoshop and fool people into believing that you have perfect skin. Every single photo that you see in a magazine has been retouched, either to make the person look better or in the case of sensationalistic tabloid magazines, make them look a whole lot worse. The moral of the story: The media lies.


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Neet Lelasi and Leanne Ratcliffe – Cocaine, Botox and Juvederm

Janita Neet Lelasi (AKA “Princess Neet”) is another self-proclaimed “vegan” who injects her face and lips with toxic animal torture poison. According to Durianrider, she also does/did cocaine. Is cocaine vegan? I guess so since it is manufactured from the leaves of a plant but cocaine, along with Botox, Juvederm, and every other cosmetic filler are extremely toxic to the human body. Leanne Ratcliffe used to visit Neet at her beauty salon in Adelaide to also have this garbage injected into her face and lips. If you’ve seen Freelee the Banana Girl on Australia’s The Morning Show you would have noticed that her face was completely frozen and her lips pumped up. You can always tell when somebody has had their face done because it looks extremely shiny and plastic-looking.


“No guy wants to go out with a girl who has a face like the love child of Michael Jackson & Ronald McDonald. Better to have some wrinkles of character vs a sweaty sausage face of botox imho.” – Durianrider

durianrider-harley-johnstone-sweaty-sausage-face-botoxHere’s Princess Neet with Freelee in Adelaide. Note the artificial shiny faces.


You can also tell that Freelee has had both Botox (anti-wrinkle) and Juvederm (dermal filler) injected into her face and lips here. This screenshot was taken from her video Durianrider is abusive to me & a bully.


Somebody posted this question on Durianrider’s Tumblr:

“Neet has been doing this lifestyle much longer than Freelee and she exercises/moves her body…but why isn’t she as lean as Freelee?”

Durianrider’s response:

“Only a few years ago she was eating animal products and doing cocaine.

You are correct in that they started the lifestyle about the same time though.

I personally know Neet since 2007. We had a bit of a thing for a bit.

She limits her progress by not riding her bike as much as she needs to do to get to the level she wants to be and stay at.

She has a nice bike and knows how to ride it but for some reason doesnt do what she needs to do.

She has great genetics and lifestyle (no kids like us) to work with but just not committed enough I guess.”


Both Harley Johnstone and Neet Lelasi had a heated argument on Tumblr a few years ago about Neet’s cocaine use but it has since been deleted.

“She denied using Botox however did admit to using a plant-based alternative.” – Channel 9 News


“Hilarious. I like how she tries to bullshit her way out of it. “Plant-based alternative” to Botox. Get the fuck out of here. ” – Vegan Mafia


My creative sister Princess Neet strikes again! She is the Raw till 4 recipe queen. Low fat low sodium curry with smash (potato + sweet potato). Yuuuum seriously may be best thing I’ve ever tasted.” – Freelee the Banana Girl



Raw Neet Lelasi – Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist at Trimex

Raw Fruits Neet on YouTube

Neet Lelasi at My Vegan Story



Freelee’s Lies and Delusion – Metabolic Damage

When it comes to the metabolic claims, at least in terms of Freelee, she’s convinced herself that it’s true and that her experience is true, her supposed experience that it took 6-10 years for her to lose the weight and that’s kind of her “proof” that metabolic damage exists. At the end of the day she can always look at herself and say, “Wow, I’m thin” and of course we know anecdotes aren’t evidence but I think, speculating obviously, maybe for her that could be kind of enough. She could always refer to herself and say, “Well, I eat a lot of fruit, I eat a lot of calories, yeah I do a lot of exercise, but that’s beside the point. I eat all this food and I’m obviously thin so there you go.”

Of course, again, as I said, anecdotes aren’t evidence but even more interesting is that Freelee’s anecdote doesn’t even appear to be correct really. This idea that it took her 6-10 years, that she got fat at first eating unlimited calories of fruit and then it took her 6-10 years to get slim.

I don’t ever remember Freelee being fat, ever. That was the reason why I was convinced, as stupid as it sounds, by her blog, because in all of her photos she was thin and I was so obsessed with weight loss. I wanted to be thin and that was convincing to me. There was no evidence of her ever being fat. She was bigger than she is now but she’s incredibly lean right now. If you look at her arms in particular, her arms are incredibly thin so she was bigger than she is now but was by no means fat.

The biggest difference was her face. She has the “chipmunk cheeks”. She’s got the little chubby cheeks and I think, again, that was when she was larger. She wasn’t fat, nowhere close to that.


So, according to Freelee, she was fat during these years when she had the chipmunk cheeks. We actually saw what her body looked like and clearly she wasn’t fat.

“I find it convenient that she specifically makes sure not to show her full body throughout the entire video. I actually have some pictures of what she looked like during her bike ride which seemed to show quite a different scenario. Yes, she did have her chipmunk cheeks but her body was quite slim at the time.” – Amrahx


I think only someone who is delusional would look at her and say, “you’re fat.” It’s kinda crazy.


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Vegan Ava Loves Sucking Bananas

Vegan Ava is another cock-sucking clown who can’t spell. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I guess the Raw Till 4 high-carb diet really does cause brain damage. When will these degenerates ever learn?



“She is a hardcore Freelee and DR fan. She lives in Thailand and has a 17 year old boy friend. She did a video where she forced him to get a vasectomy because DR is telling the cult members to do so. She makes shit videos, nothing about animals! She gives blow jobs to bananas and dances like shit I might add and that’s about it. She went online and made a video asking people to donate money to her so she could live in Thailand and do vegan work . She does zero vegan work. She got two donations and one was a dollar, lol. She is one of the dumbest vegans on the planet. Just a Freelee wannabe clown.” – Pink Taco








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Vegan Cheetah Is On Steroids

Charles Marlowe actually believes he is “healthy”. In one of his videos on his vlog channel he admits to taking steroids. Some of the side effects of steroid use are heart disease, kidney cancer, hostility and aggression, depression, acne, and risk of HIV.

“This is what my vegan diet looks like.” – Charles Marlowe

No. This is what steroid use looks like.


Who would you rather date? A Captain America wannabe on steroids or his natural vegan brother, Andrew Marlowe?


So, how do drug addicts like Charles Marlowe fool thousands of people into believing that cancer-causing steroids and nicotine are “vegan” and healthy?

“I’m the biggest bullshitter in the business.” – Charles Marlowe (The Vegan Cheetah)

That’s how.


“Did you take money from the vegan community so you can support your junkie habits with that vape?!” – alivictng



Steroid side effects

Abuse of anabolic steroids

The effects of steroid use

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Freelee Does Not Care About You

Freelee (Fraudlee) uploaded a video saying that she messed up and that she’s “sorry” for the Patreon that she was trying to push onto her viewers. She only uploaded this video because there was backlash.


She “thanked” everyone for their constructive criticism which I’ve personally never seen her do before. I don’t know if it’s ironic or if she watched my video and she “took it to heart” because her last few videos, she’s been doing exactly what I predicted that she would do and I was not able to predict it because of her personality, I was able to predict it because of her previous marketing strategy that I have done abstract thinking on and I have picked it apart and I know what she does to get views. As I predicted, she portrayed herself as a victim and she, once again, regurgitated “it was for the animals”, “I was only trying to do a good thing”. Just as I predicted, she deflected and deflected and deflected. This is a tactic that politicians use. It’s when they say a whole lot that actually means nothing. And, just as me and some other commenters have predicted, her response to my video was that I was “jealous” of her.


She’s heavily moderating her comments because people are expressing their unhappiness with her and they are saying that they are unsubscribing and she does not want any of her potential recruits to see this opposition. Now here’s the comment a subscriber of mine left on her channel. Christine said, “Did you see that EurAsiaNikki roasted you in her new video?” And Freelee replied, “Lol, another jealous little known YouTuber trying to ride my back. Tell her to get a life.” And the portion of the comment that she deleted was Christine saying “Lol, just like you rode everybody else’s backs to get your life. What’s there to be jealous of? Enjoy those tax deductible donations from your Patreon.”


So I’m going to pose this question once again: Freelee, what is it that I’m jealous of? I really would like to know. This would be very amusing for my viewers and I. Am I jealous that you developed a fan base by being uneducated and obnoxious? Or, am I jealous that you shame people for accepting who they are and what they look like? She sent her fan club after me on Twitter, half of which I couldn’t understand. The messages were attempting to insult me but Freelee, you should hire better workers.

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Freelee the Banana Girl Censorship and Copyright Infringement


Harley Johnstone recently posted a screenshot of this private conversation with Leanne Ratcliffe on Tumblr but has since deleted it. Here you can clearly see Freelee and Durianrider discussing the deletion of my YouTube channel, Vegan Mafia which has now been reinstated along with my other channel, Busting Liars, Inc after YouTube determined that the copyright claims Freelee filed against me were fraudulent.

On July 30, 2016, The Advertiser published an article that stated, “Adelaide-based fitness guru is having YouTube shut down rival sites by filing paperwork asserting that her copyright has been infringed.”


I have filed a total of 10 copyright takedown notices against both Harley Johnstone and Leanne Ratcliffe for stealing my artwork and other intellectual property. This should have resulted in the instant termination of both of their channels but YouTube is more concerned about protecting channels that make money for them over following their own site policies, so naturally sided with Leanne Ratcliffe. I will be discussing the details of the copyright claims I submitted to YouTube in another post along with Leanne Ratcliffe’s and Harley Johnstone’s frightening obsession with me and my work, predatory stalking, defamation, threats, and abusive online attacks.


“I always got the feeling that Freelee and DR were not actually a couple, but just pretending. Now I’m convinced that they are just partners in crime and they are just 2 asshole con-artist, drug-fucked WANK-BAGS from the Gold Coast.” – Comment posted on 30 Bananas a Day Sucks


Harley Johnstone has made “thousands of dollars” from other people’s hard work.

The Advertiser failed to mention the theft of my work in their article and focused instead on video footage that Leanne Ratcliffe stole from Danielle and Chelsea (formerly known as the “Get Upset Girls”). I’m not sure what the reason behind this was as Ratcliffe and Johnstone have been stealing my work since 2012, and making money from it. I highly doubt that I will receive payment from either of these two criminals for the use of my work as they clearly have no conscience and still to this day continue to break the law. Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate fraud and corruption where multi-billion dollar companies such as Google/YouTube favor criminals over victims.


Why does YouTube have a copyright complaint form on their site if they’re not going to strike/terminate the infringer’s account?


































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Freelee the Banana Girl Weight Loss Lies

Here’s more proof that Leanne Ratcliffe was never fat. This photo was taken on January 15, 2009. Here, in her own words, she exposes herself to be a massive liar. She never followed Raw Till 4 to lose weight and it didn’t take her 7 or more years to lose the small amount she did lose, which is nowhere near “40lbs”.


Freelee has been lying to everybody for years about how much weight she lost and how long it took her to lose the small amount that she did lose. The “metabolic damage” excuse she uses to cover up the fact that her outdated “Raw Till 4” diet is responsible for thousands of women gaining weight is also ripped apart at the seams in this video. Leanne Ratcliffe, it’s time to pack your bags and say goodbye.

At the 3:55 mark is proof of Freelee lying about weight loss and the time it took to lose the weight.


Photo taken June 29, 2011.



Freelee’s Old Blog (now on private)

Sweet Juicy Freelee Web Archive

Freelee’s YouTube Page in 2010

Freelee’s Flickr Archive

Freelee’s Flickr Profile

Freelee’s Old Blog Photos




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Julia Boer 50kg Weight Gain on Raw Till 4


“You’ve got Olympic-level genetics …. your hormones are like next fucking level.” – Harley Johnstone kisses Julia Boer’s ass in order to sidetrack the fact that she gained 50kg on Raw Till 4

In Durianrider’s video titled Uncut Weight Loss Tips Interview with Julia Boer, Harley Johnstone lies his ass off to Julia in order to cover up the fact that both his and Freelee the Banana Girl’s “Raw Till 4” diet is nothing but a load of pseudoscience bullshit. Who is this clown trying to kid? Julia Boer gained 50kg by following Leanne Ratcliffe’s and Harley Johnstone’s illegal diet advice, is fully in denial, and still to this day worships the ground these bogans walk on. Julia’s weight gain was a result of stuffing her face with pounds of high-carb, insulin-raising, fat-storing potatoes, rice, and refined sugar – unlimited calories for maximum weight loss, Raw Till 4 style! Julia Boer is  young, naive, and has been fully brainwashed by these vegan cult leaders. It’s only going to be a matter of time before she wakes up from the banana trance and realizes that she has been lied to, just like thousands of others have.

Here’s what Julia Boer looked like before she went on the Raw Till 4 diet.


Here’s a photo of Julia after she gained 50kg on Raw Till 4.


Julia Boer is extremely defensive and is trying her hardest to explain to everybody why she gained so much weight when the answer is glaringly obvious. You cannot eat unlimited calories of any food, especially toxic processed “food” like refined sugar and expect to lose weight. Anybody who believes otherwise needs to seek psychiatric treatment immediately.


“Caloric understanding at 30BaD (3000 cals) is that if your [sic] an adult and eating under 3000 cals a day from your fav [sic] sweet fruits, dont [sic] expect peak health and fitness.” – Duriander’s expert weight loss advice

No wonder everybody is getting fat on Raw Till 4. Meanwhile Freelee and Durianrider sit back and count their dollars and laugh at how easy it is to make money on YouTube from people who Harley Johnstone states are “gullible and easy to scam”.

julia-boer-clueless-fat-ass“What? Who said that i do kcal in vs out? I just downed 1000+ kcal of 3 bananas + 200g rice with bunch of sugar and usually eat 2500-3000 kcal and barley exercise.” – Julia Boer



Julia Boer on YouTube

Julia Boer on Instagram


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